Garden Design

Using my design expertise and horticultural knowledge, I will help you to create a space that will not only provide you with a garden that reflects your lifestyle and personality, but that you can enjoy for many years to come and will also add value to your property.

I offer a comprehensive garden design service encompassing all aspects of projects from beginning to end including ongoing help and advice.

By listening closely to my clients, a clear and thorough design brief is created and can be followed successfully to completion.

Paying close attention to the style of my client’s home means a strong link can be created between the house and garden, with this in mind I am happy to collaborate with architects and interior designers to ensure that link is harmonious.

See an outline of how I work:

  • First meeting to discuss your requirements.
  • Detailed estimate and client brief provided for your approval
  • Site survey carried out to assertain soil type, levels, surrounding area and influences such as neighbours, traffic etc, existing plants and other relevant factors. If the site is particularly complicated or large, it may be necessary to use a chartered surveyor.
  • Interim meeting with you to show initial sketches and ideas. Samples of materials will also be presented at this stage.
  • Finalise design and provide presentation plan to you and to contractors for costing.
  • Planting plan, to show all plants, locations and quantities, plant schedule prepared to obtain quotes from trusted nurseries.
  • Hard landscaping work carried out by contractors, project to be monitored by myself.
  • Plants ordered, set out to design and planted up.
  • A tailored maintenance schedule can be provided to help keep your garden looking it’s best.
  • Follow up visit
  • Help and advice offered as garden evolves


Planting Design

Sometimes a garden has lost it’s way and all that’s required is to update the planting or even to fill gaps in current planting scheme. In this case I can prepare a planting plan based on discussions with you and also the garden aspect, soil type etc. Once agreed a plant schedule will be drawn up to obtain quotes from trusted nurseries, plants ordered and planted up by myself and my team.

Garden Styling

A garden can always be improved and enhanced with the perfect garden furniture, pots and other accessories. With my contacts both here in the UK and abroad along with knowledge of all styles available, I can source the right items that will help to create the atmosphere you want. I also design bespoke pieces such as pergolas, fencing, benches, water features and more and help to find garden antiques and sculpture.